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We're interested in the way people sit in their skins and how they deal with reality. We make fiction films that shift the boundaries and make you think twice. Our documentary and fiction films explore the ways we interact with one another and the world.

Over the years, we have produced, written and directed many commercials, documentaries, and TV drama series, as well as five fiction films.

Our most recent fiction films are MY DAUGHTER'S KEEPER (aka AU PAIR) (Miramax, 1993) and the award-winning Dutch arthouse films, OVERLEVEN (NL 2006) and SCHOFT (NL 2009), which premiered at the Nederlands Film Festival in 2009.

Our recent documentaries include the acclaimed long documentary, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP (released in 2015) and our most recent documentary MY SOUL DRIFTS LIGHT UPON A SEA OF TREES, which premiered in competition at IDFA 2018 was released in 2019.

We are currently developing a new fiction film titled GODLESS.

You can watch many of our films and video clips on our YouTube BUZZBYTES CHANNEL.

You can also watch our recent long DOCUMENTARIES and other works on our VIMEO CHANNEL.

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