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NL 2009, 92 mins · Fiction / Drama

The parallel paths followed by two adolescent protagonists over a period of 18 hours intersect violently outside a local shopping centre with fatal consequences for one and fateful consequences for the other: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll becomes Sex, Drugs and Random Violence. SCUM is a fictitious, but realistic portrayal of a devastating incident of random violence based on true events. Reminiscent of KIDS and KEN PARK.

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Screenplay: Heinrich Dahms

Director: Heinrich Dahms

Producer: Michele Aime


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Best European Fiction Film - Ireland International Film Festival (IR 2010)

Audience Award - Duistere Openbaringen (NL 2010)

Best Male Lead - Duistere Openbaringen (NL 2010)

Nomination Best Fiction Film - Swansea International Film Festival (UK 2010)

Premiere - Nederlands Film Festival (NL 2010)

Invitation - Cape Winelands Film Festival (RSA 2010)

Invitation - Tiburon Film Festival (USA 2010)

Invitation - Toronto Diaspora Film Festival (CA 2010)

Invitation - Sao Paulo Indie Film Festival (BR 2010)

Invitation - Rio de Janeiro Indie Film Festival (BR 2010)

Invitation - Film Festival Zlin (CZ 2010)