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Excellence from Script to Screen!


Michèle Aimé started her career in the film industry in 1980 on a series of anti-apartheid films based on Nadine Gordimer’s short stories. In 1981, Michèle worked with director Marnie Van Rensburg on the award-winning drama series, ‘Verspeelde Lente’ directed by (SABC, 1982). Between 1981 & 1990, Michèle produced numerous social documentaries, including, ‘A Man no Less’ (paraplegics in Soweto) and ‘The Word for Soweto’ (the dialectics of tribal and Western religion in Soweto)and many hours of educational TV. In 2006, Michèle produced the award-winning feature film, OVERLEVEN (NL, 2007) for BUZZMEDIA NETWORK. This was followed in 2009 by a second award-winning Dutch feature film, SCHOFT. BUZZMEDIA NETWORK has just finished post-production on a feature length narrative documentary ‘BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP’ (major national theatrical release, the Netherlands, in June 2015).


Heinrich Dahms graduated with a BA Honours in Political Philosophy and Film, and has written, directed and/or produced commercials, documentaries, TV dramas and five features films since 1980, including: CITY WOLF (Atlas International, 1987), DUNE SURFER (Moviworld, 1989), MY DAUGHTER'S KEEPER (aka AU PAIR) (Miramax, 1993), and two award-winning Dutch language feature films, OVERLEVEN (NL, 2007) and SCHOFT (Scum)(NL, 2009). Dahms has recently completed a feature-length narrative documentary, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP, which will be released 2015. He is currently developing several new projects for BUZZMEDIA NETWORK.

BUZZMEDIA NETWORK was established by partners Heinrich Dahms and Michèle Aimé in the Netherlands in 1996. Since its incorporation, we have developed and produced two award-winning Dutch-language feature films: the coming-of-age drama, OVERLEVEN (SURVIVING) (NL 2007, 52 mins) and SCHOFT (SCUM) (NL 2009, 92 mins), which deals with the themes of random violence and racism. In addition, we have also produced a wide range of short web clips for non-profit organizations.


Since 1980, the founding partners have been involved, in various roles, in the development and production of numerous film and TV projects, including the fiction films, AU PAIR (USA title: MY DAUGHTER'S KEEPER)(1993, MIRAMAX), DUNE SURFER (1989, MOVIWORLD), CITY WOLF (1987, ATLAS INTERNATIONAL) and CLIFF HANGER (1992), as well as two TV series and many documentary and educational films.


BUZZMEDIA NETWORK recently completed the full-length documentary, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP, with funding from the Dutch Film Fund, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, the Cobo Fund and Dutch broadcaster, Evangelische Omroep (EO). Distributor Amstelfilm will release the film in art-house cinemas in the Benelux in June 2015, followed by a TV broadcast by EO later this year. We are currently developing a new slate of fiction and documentary projects.